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Research exploded in support of Book of Mormon history the last few decades.  Academics around the world continue to publish well grounded results -- building heaps of data from various disciplines.  The scholarship is stellar.  We digest and deliver these data for your personal studies. provides easy access to current research for personal study.  

  • Our mission is to bridge the gap between Book of Mormon research & believers. 

  • Our vision is to foster a thriving belief in the historicity of the Book of Mormon and its translation. 

  • We value scholarship to help studies through a simple delivery.


The Book of Mormon today has over 150 million copies distributed in well over 100 different languages.  It is an all time top selling book with millions of believers from many church organizations.  The United States Library of Congress conducted a public, nationwide survey which selected the Book of Mormon as the 4th most influential work of American literature.  Any book of this magnitude demands further study.  (More stats = here.)

WHO AM I? is an independent website not affiliated with any church or organization.  I freely make my own content and link to the best direct resources on the Book of Mormon for personal studies.  Just look at all the incredible ways you can study the text - available at your fingertips for free.   

The shared information benefits all students of the Book of Mormon without directly endorsing any specific church doctrine.  Still, this website is founded by an active member and minister of The Church of Jesus Christ, headquartered in Monongahela, Pennsylvania and (without question) that foundation informs content.  Like any faithful believer, I love my church and its precepts.  To learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ and its beliefs, please visit:

Consider this more of a layman's guide to the Book of Mormon text and the evidence supporting it.  I am not the cook in the kitchen; I am your waiter.   Let me deliver to you easy access to current research for further study.

Podcast Host & Author


Joshua earned a degree in Archaeological Science as an Evans Scholar at Penn State University.  He is a business owner and ordained Evangelist of The Church of Jesus Christ.

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